Gavin Newsom
Source: AP

Legalization of Paedophilia is the term used by the critics for the controversial California Bill. It encourages pedophilia and is approved by governor Gavin Newsom. The governor signed the bill today that has sparked outrage for helping sexual offenders who target minors. However, the democrats termed it as an eliminator of LGBT discrimination.

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The supporters of the Governor said that he is the champion of the LGBT community as he signed the bill.

The bill allows the judges to decide whether to add someone to the sexual offender registry. The bill only excludes minors aged below 14 with an age gap larger than 10 years and sexual relations without consent.

The critic said that this bill will ensure a 24-year-old can have sexual relations with a 14-year-old minor and get away with the sexual offender registry. The critics pointed out that how would someone term any sexual encounter with a 14-year-old or less, consensual.

The bill was introduced by San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener.

The bill SB 145 however criminalizes the crime against a child. However, it does not automatically include a person in the sex offender registry.

Many have voiced concern against the bill including California State Assembly member, Lorena Gonzalez, and Sydney Kamlager.

The California Police Chiefs Association however backed the bill and said that the bill still attracts criminal punishment for a crime against a minor. He denied that the popular belief that the bill is the legalization of pedophilia.