Lebanon blast
Source: Twitter

Lebanon Blast – Another blast has been reported from 30 miles south of Beirut at Hezbollah Arm Depot. Several people are reportedly injured and carried to the hospital. The incident took place in Ain Qana village. Hezbollah operatives have surrounded the factory.

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As per the security officials, the blast was caused by technical error. There is a number of injuries, feared security officials. However, Hezbollah has not confirmed any causalities so far.

The Iran-backed group is heavily armed but is a major player in the Lebanese government. The role of Hezbollah in the ministries has also hampered the recovery effort of Beirut.

Daily Mail reported that the witness said the grounds were shaking due to the blast. The damages were also seen in the adjacent building and there was a fire at the burning site as well. Residents reported that the ambulance carried many injured from the site.

The Hezbollah officials have said that the reason of fire is still unknown.

Hezbollah and Israel have remained in constant tension. They fought a long month battle in 2006. Since then the Iran-backed armed group has amassed huge weapon and chemicals including the Ammonium Nitrate the triggered Beirut blast.

The US has already started to exert pressure on Europe to ban Hezbollah claiming that the group has explosives in countries like Greece, Italy, and Spain.

However, France, the former colonial power of Lebanon which is leading the effort to rebuild the country has said that there is not enough substantial proof to do that.