Poster girl Sargant, Leanna Carr resigned from her post after many controversies. The Sargent posted many racy pictures while traveling around the world while on sick-off. She claimed that she had to quit because of her bullying colleagues.

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Leanna Carr became the poster girl for the Lincolnshire Police in the UK during her 14 years of career. She sparked controversy in 2018 when her glamorous posts emerged from her seven months of travel. She visited Thailand, Cyprus, Austria, and South Africa and was on long-term sick leave.

Leanna Carr has previously seen in the promotional material of Lincolnshire Police. She posted many racy pictures before and during her service.

She announced on her Instagram,

“Bullying, harassment, and victimization are not okay. Not on any level.

After 14 years of service as a Police Constable, Police Sergeant, and Police Inspector I am immensely proud of myself. I achieved that through hard work, determination, sacrifices, and a love for serving the public.

Sadly I’ve had to close the door to the negativity I’ve endured from my colleagues for my own sanity and to protect my own mental health.”

She confirmed that Poster Girl Sargant is signing off for the last time.


Now, many of the police officers suggested that she wore next to nothing. They spoke about what a police officer should post on social media as well. However, the Lincolnshire Police did not take any action.

If there is a rule that a police officer cannot put some of these pictures, she should have been asked to leave. But if there isn’t, then there is hardly anyone to question her morality, and harass.


Her job was to serve the public and she did it, there has been no report of her failing as a Sargeant. However, if the others think that her photos on social media made her a bad police officer, then probably, it is time to relook at the entire matter.