IT Layoff has created a panic among the IT Employees in India. The reports suggest that almost 2 lakhs job would be lost in the coming two years. However, is that the end of the road for the IT industry? Well, definitely not.

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It has been said that the automation is responsible for the job cut. However, this is a common fact for the industry. Today it is the automation that is snatching the job of the manual, tomorrow, the artificial intelligence will snatch the job of automation. So, basically, everything is auto-linked, and part of the trend that industry works upon.

Every employee knows that skill upgrade is the only way to remain competitive and relevant in the industry. The same can be said for managers as well, which is why many should be asking themselves what is workforce management? To ensure that they appropriately navigate this constantly changing the landscape. This is true for all the weather in the industry. If there is no job cut, with the skill upgrade, an employee cannot climb the radar. So, the absorption of the employees is certain at least for the deserved.
Now, let’s understand why this happened and how can it be challenged.

There was a time in IT industry when people worked for less and paid more. However, things have changed. Many who became Managers and even more, are still under same impression. There are many managers who do not have any managerial quality, but continue to manage team with larger number of employees with lack of motivation and inspiration for the team.

There is a saying if a person fails, held him accountable, when a team fails, held the leader accountable, but when an organization tumbles, remove the management altogether. The management of the IT companies of India need to change. It needs to adapt to the new things and let go of the old bossy culture. The Manager of a Project is the Leader of the Project, not the owner of it. The attitude has to change and the scenario will change again.

However, the employees who upgrade the skill will surely find their way back to the different organizations again. IT layoff is not a myth but it can be fought with.