Source: BBC

Las Vegas Shooting is the deadliest reminder that we are no longer safe in this planet. There are people in the world who want to kill the belief in humanity and they are doing really well. Suspected shooter of Las Vegas Shooting Stephen Paddock was one among them. Islamic State has claimed that he was one of the latest converts and he carried out the attack for them. However, they did not provide any proof for the same. So far, no proof of his link with any terrorist group has been established. No previous criminal record was found in the database and neither he was in any of the suspect lists. Then what made him kill scores of people?

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At around 10 PM, when the people were having the taste of Vegas in the Music Concert, rounds of fires were shot at them from the 32nd floor of the adjacent hotel. The Mandalay Hotel stood next to the concert ground and there were at least 22000 people present there. The suspect was firing bullets like rain and killing people. The wounded and terrified people were running for their life, but the man on the 32nd floor was enjoying the brutality. By the time the Police reached his room, he killed himself and buried all the facts with him.

Now, the question arises, was he a terrorist? If the link with Islamic State or any other group is not established, then, would he be a terrorist or would he be killed a psycho who misused the gun laws? Well, he was a terrorist and he should be labeled with the same. Killing people at will is nothing but terrorism and the suspect has done the same thing.

So far, the causalities are 58 and more than 500 are injured. If the local reports are to be believed then the death toll can reach higher number in some time.