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Lancaster protestors have finally some good news. The court reduced the bail amount of the protestors after huge outrage from the Black Lives Matter protestors. Originally, nine of the thirteen protestors arrested had a bail amount of $1mn. It has been revised now.

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The court was hearing the charges of “Criminal Conspiracy for Arson, Riot, Institutional Vandalism, Failure to Disperse, Obstructing Highways and Other Public Passages, and Disorderly Conduct and Defiant Trespass” for the arrested protestors.

Here is the list of people arrested and the revised bail amount

NamePrevious Bail AmountRevised Bail Amount
Barry Jones$1mn$100,000 unsecured, is on house arrest
 Jamal Shariff Newman$1mn$100,000 straight
Talia Gessner$1mn$50000 cash, if released on house arrest
T-Jay Fry$1mn$50000 straight
Yoshua Dwayne Montague$1mn$100,000 cash
Kathryn Patterson$1mn$50,000 unsecured
Taylor Enterline$1mn$50,000 unsecured
Dylan Davis $1mn$50,000 unsecured, is on house arrest
Alexa Wise$1mn$50,000 unsecured, is on house arrest
Revised Bail Amount of Lancaster Protestors

The bail amount was earlier set at $1mn and it was called unconstitutional and was heavily criticized.

The Lancaster protestors went to the Police station against the killing of Ricardo Munoz, 27. The man was mentally challenged and had a knife, he even attacked a police officer as well.

However, when the protestors reached the spot, they started arson. The police station and post office were damaged by the protestors. Objects, water bottles were thrown at the police officers. The dumpsters were set on fire on the road as well.

Many arrested were college students such as Kathryne Patterson, 20. There was one juvenile who was also arrested by the police for the serious charges.

The bail amount is still on the higher side, however, it is no longer an unaffordable amount. It needs to be seen how the family, friends, and supporters of Lancaster Protestors react to it.