Ladakh Tension
Source: Moneycontrol

In a fresh development of Ladakh tension, the Indian Army occupies more heights around the northern bank of Pangong Tso Lake, suggest reports. These positions overlook the Chinese positions around ridgelines in the Finger 4 area. The report suggests that India now has tactical advantages on both the North and Southside of the lake.

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Chinese have started building troops around the Northern Bank since then and trying to come close to the Finger 4 area.

Ladakh Tension

India previously reclaimed the heights on the southern bank of Pangong Tso Lake in a pre-emptive measure. The Chinese have since then tried to regain lost control. There have been firing instances as well in the Eastern Ladakh region. There are said to be at least dozens of heights under the control of the Indian Army.

The action on the Pangong Tso Lake is now under the direct control of Beijing Commanders shifted from local PLA officers, reports suggest. China has around 15-20 tanks near the Spanggur Lake. This is a mountain pass on LAC. India too has deployed tanks there.

India and China have increased the troops’ deployment in the area. Around 5000-7000 soldiers are deployed around the area from each side, indicated reports.

The Decan Chronicle reports that Indian Army occupies have put barbed wires around the positions and built defense. The Indian side has threatened not to cross the wire. Last Monday, when the firing took place, the Chinese PLA tried to remove the wire and were warned. However, they fired in the air to intimidate the Indian soldiers.

The escalation started when PLA crossed the LAC and occupied 8Km in the disputed area between Finger 8 and Finger 4. China has refused to vacate the area despite all talks.

New Delhi considers the Indian territory till Finger 8. The area between Finger 4 and Finger 8 is disputed.