Ladakh Escalation – Indian Army gives another setback to PLA

Ladakh escalation has been the primary focal point between India and China. The Sino India relation has gone down to a new low. However, after PLA changed the status quo and captured the disputed area, India has pushed the aggression button for the first time against the PLA.

After capturing many heights near the Finger 4 ridgelines, the Indian Army has now outsmarted PLA to capture 6 more heights in the ridgeline. India Today reported that Magar Hill, Gurung Hill, Rezang La, Rachana La, Mokhpari, and the biggest peak on the Finger 4 ridgeline are in Indian control now.

PLA wanted to have these heights but failed to do so. Chinese PLA has suffered since the winter started. Many soldiers were seen taken out on a stretcher previously. India has since captured more heights to take the strategical position in the mountain.

Mountain warfare is all about heights and India is dominating that now. The heights are spread from north to south of the Pangong Tso lake.

The heights that India has now occupied are in Indian LAC territory apart from Helmet Top and Black Top. China has tried to gain control of the heights but failed. However, they have deployed more army near the heights to regain control.

Indian army is accessing the situation very closely and fully prepared for the actions. The failed attempts of PLA led to frustration and PLA even fired on the air.

However, as Ladakh escalation continues, it seems, PLA is losing all tactical advances in the warfare.