Kylie greens

Kylie Greens has dropped a bombshell of the news for the Australian media. The media gave extensive coverage on the heartfelt plea of a dying dad who wanted to meet his four children. Outrage sparked against the Queensland government, and they relented and allowed the children to visit after 2-weeks of quarantine. However, the mother of the children, and ex-partner of Mark, said that the children may not want to meet him.

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She said that she is concerned about the reunion. As per,, Ms. Greens has raised all her children with Mark Keans as a single mum since 2016. Mark Keans moved out of their house to Brisbane back then. They had a complicated and on-off relationship, she said.

She informed that the children barely know him. The last time the children met him was way back in 2017, on Father’s Day. She said that the kids are now worried that if they say no now, people will be mad at them.

Rhonda Langborne, the mother of Mark Keans, said that Kylie Greens and four children are granted the exemption. However, Ms. Greens said that she would first take her children to the psychologists and as per the advice, she will apply for her own exemption.

She even refused to take any money set up from the Go Fund Me Page. She wanted this to be a private affair but now has all the media attention.

Ms. Greens said she seeks expert opinion on the mental health of the children and thus refused to use the border pass. She said that the children already grieved when he left them, she does not want them to grieve again.

Ms. Greens said she would talk to the kids and see how they are feeling about it. However, they are scared that they can’t say no, even if they don’t want to have a reunion.

After so many outrages and interference of the government, Mark Keans and his four children may never have a reunion.