KRK apologizes to SS Rajamouli for Baahubali 2 comments made by him earlier. The self-proclaimed critic said that the movie will be a disaster in Hindi belt. He said that the movie is nonsense and would get no attention in North India. Well, to all his surprise, Baahubali 2 has become the highest ever grosser in Hindi movies as well.

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This has made him lick his own wound and now he has apologized to the director of the movie, SS Rajamouli. KRK took to the twitter and said that the people seem to have loved the movie and the verdict of the people is more important. He said that he is apologizing for the wrong review. However, he maintained that he did not like the movie in his tweet.
It hardly makes any difference to the people whether he apologized or not. He is a self-proclaimed critic who knows nothing about movies and does all these stuff to gain attention. His apology may be another attempt to get eyeballs.

Baahubali 2 has broken all the records and there is no way that it is stopping even at the third week. It has even dismantled the new releases of Meri Pyari Bindu and Sarkaar 3 at the box office. KRK apologizes when the entire world is talking about the brilliance that SS Rajamouli has created on the screen.

Nobody took him seriously when he criticized Baahubali 2 and as he apologizes now, probably no one will pay attention to it.
Baahubali 2 has already gained more than 1200 Crores in Worldwide Box Office.