Kollam Temple Fire has taken 112 lives so far. The inferno took place when a rocket skied fell on the explosives and the store room leading to a massive explosion. The eye witnesses and the survivors said that it was not only the firepower that killed people but also the stones that were flying due to the explosion took many lives. Chief Minister has ordered a judicial probe and asked the report to be submitted within six months. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the Kollam Temple Fire premise and the injured in hospitals. The compensation from State Government and Central Government has already been announced. However, despite all that which remains a common series of events for every mishaps in India, there are certain questions to be asked and answered. It can be Kolkata Flyover Collapse or the Kollam Temple Fire, few things never get cleared.

Kollam Temple Fire – No Permission, Still Fireworks

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There was no permission for the fireworks and it has been repeatedly denied by the authorities’ years after years. However, the 50 years old practice is still going with immense popularity and least bother. The four hours of fire display between two groups is not only dangerous but also violate the Supreme Court guidelines of no firepower after 10 PM. Yes, five arrests have been made and the temple authorities face actions but not before 112 lives were lost.

Pattingul Temple

Police Actions

Times of India reported that Police does not really intervene fearing the religious sentiments. The report also says that powerful politicians may have the backings and police restricts itself from the action. This has led to a situation where temple authorities violate the rules, regulations, law, safety measures and what not just to do something they have been doing.

Safety Measures

Another prime concerns for the mishaps are the safety measures. Majority of the incidents are occurring due to the ignorance rather than accident. Safety measures are neglected at every point of time and there is hardly any method to keep a check.

The compensations, arrests and promises are not really saving lives of the people and there is something seriously wrong and that need to be fixed as soon as possible.