Kolkata Flyover collapse has resulted in causalities. 10 people have died so far and Army has been killed in. However, the importance of the collapse and damage is heavier than it can be imagined. It has been reported that at least 150 people are stuck beneath the wreckage of the Flyover. However, considering the area where Vivekananda Setu was located, there is possibility that many more people are still stuck.

Kolkata Flyover Collapse – Rescue Operations

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There is total collapse of the management as well along with the Kolkata Flyover Collapse. There is no organized rescue operation going at that time. There are no heavy lifting cranes as well at the location in Borobazar. The locals are trying hard to fit in to the rescue operation and handling bottle of waters but the lack of cooperation is hurting the chances. The administrations have said that Army has been called in deal with the rescue operation and things may look better. However, the rescue operations may not work as smooth as should have been at least for some time.

Kolkata Flyover Collapse

Kolkata Flyover Collapse – Reasons for Collapse

The Vivekanada Setu was under construction since 2009. One government has bid good bye and the next one is up for polls again in next month. However, the under construction flyover has still maintained the same status. The safety standards have been highly compromised. The locals have many times objected the construction due to lack of safety and high ignorance that ultimately resulted in the death and property loss.