Kolkata Bridge Collapse

Kolkata Flyover Collapse has killed 26 people so far. The rescue operation and clearing of the debris is still going on. Kolkata Bridge Collapse has eventually bought the city under shock. Political statements, arrests, claims and controversies are gripping the city of joy. However, the loss of property and lives are so immense that the negligence and ignorance of the Vivekananda Setu Collapse cannot be overlooked. Here are all the major developments of the Kolkata Bridge Collapse that took place on March 31st.

Kolkata Bridge Collapse – Mamata Promises Stern Actions

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Chief Minister of Bengal has promised strict actions against the guilty that made monumental loss of the city. She blamed the Left Government for the collapse and said that the permission was given in 2007 when the Left Government was in power. At the time of the awarding the permission, adequate safety measures were ignored she claimed.

Kolkata Bridge Collapse

Kolkata Flyover Collapse – Opposition Hits Back

The Political Blame game has not spared the tragedy as well. The opposition has claimed the TMC government has run the project without planning and should be held responsible for collapse and loss of life. The blame game turns worst when the politics started with the blood for the victims. TMC MP Nirmal Maji allegedly stooped a blood donation camp claiming that blood from the CPM people is not required. CM Mamata Banarjee said that politics over blood is not required and no one needs to force or do something exception to donate blood. She added that many are ready to donate blood on her call. However, the situation is not that in Kolkata as people have turned out now to donate blood in the extreme weather.

Kolkata Bridge Collapse – Arrest and Allegations

In the midst of political cacophony over the Kolkata Bridge collapse, police has arrested 3 officers from IVRCL have been arrested. Two section engineers have been suspended from Kolkata Municipal Corporation. IVRCL which has posted INR 632 Crores loss in recent times alleged that it was not faulty flyover rather it can be even a blast. However, police has declined the claims as per the primary investigations.

Kolkata Bridge Collapse has seen severe damage. The rescue operation is on and the 62 families near the flyover have been requested to move to clear off the debris. Indian Army has again ensured that rescue operation is smooth and proper. Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi visited Kolkata and the collapse site. However, he refused to make any political comments and said he has come to meet people and a political statement is not required.