KJ Singh Journalist Murdered in Mohali – third journalist killed in 2 months

KJ Singh, a veteran and senior journalist from Punjab and his mother were found dead this morning at their residence. Police informed that there are injury marks on the neck of the victims and suspect it to be a murder case. His mother Gurucharan Kaur, 92, was also killed during the assault believe the investigating officials. However, nothing has been officially confirmed as of now and the post-mortem report would further reveal the case.
KJ Singh was a senior journalist and even worked for The Tribune, a very popular daily in Chandigarh, Punjab. The shocking and ghastly incident has once again raised the wide debate on the security and safety of the journalists.

In two months, there have been 3 brutal murders of journalists and all of them looked to silence the voice or opinion. Gauri Lankesh was the first one to be killed in Bangalore. People even pointed out that her leftist ideology was behind the murder and she was killed to silence her voice by the right activists. All of these were said without any evidence and it only fumed the debate and controversy. Few even celebrated the death of her. Just a few days back, the opposite happened. A young journalist, Shantanu Bhowmik, 23, was reportedly abducted and killed by the people of Indigenous People’s Front of Tripura in Mandai, 35 Km from State Capital Agartala. He was covering a violent clash when the mob turned against him and brutalized him to death. There were again voices that said that the left people have killed him.

Gauri Lankesh


Shantanu Bhowmik

The matter of the fact is that whosoever kills a person whether journalist or anyone, is basically a criminal and murder. They neither have any ideology nor ethics. No ideology in the world teaches to kill, but people convert the ideologies for their own.

After the death of KJ Singh, it has to be seen that whether the murder was a personal animosity or some rage that might have come from his reporting. The authorities have already started an investigation and like the other two cases, no real success has been achieved so far.