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Kim Jong Un Christmas Celebration was the least expected thing as the world started celebrating the big day. However, what he did was weird. North Korea is basically an Atheist State and there are very few Christians live there. The communist country is closely monitored by the State, and the people there have almost no independence at all in expressing their views. Kim Jong Un, the current ruler of the country has been aggressive against celebrating Christmas.

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For 2016, Kim Jong Un Christmas Celebration was the birthday celebration of his grandmother. His grandmother Jong Suk was an Anti-Japanese Communist Activist and was the wife of Kim II Sung, the first ruler of North Korea.

The Christmas celebration this year was to pay homage to the Sacred Mother of the Revolution. Christians were not supposed to celebrate the birth of the Jesus but the Jong Suk. In past, he has banned Christmas on multiple occasions and took many harsh steps to stop it. He even threatened a war against South Korea when a Giant Christmas Tree was planned close to the border between South and North Korea.
The Sacred Mother of Revolution, Jong Suk died mysteriously in 1949 and many went to her tomb on Christmas Day to pay homage to her.

Kim Jong Un Christmas Celebration has yet again hit the headlines and he has forced people to devote the entire people of North Korea to his family.

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