Source: Orlando Starflyer

The killer Orland Starflyer has taken one life on Monday. As per the Orange County Sheriff’s office, a theme park worker died after falling from the Starflyer attraction. He fell from a height of 200 feet.

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The worker was just 21-year-old. He was performing a security check at around 8 am on Monday, as per WHNT. However, while performing his duty, he fell from the attraction. He struck a platform just below the attraction.

The authorities said, he was taken to a local hospital immediately. However, the hospital authorities pronounced him dead.

Even though the incident looks accidental, but Orange County is investigating the death.

The Killer Orlando Starflyer, a 450 feet attraction opened in 2018 with much popularity.

The safety and security of the theme park workers have been a constant question. Many workers have lost their lives in the past as well. Many point out that the theme parks do not take adequate security measures for the workers.

The result of the investigation is awaited and no further details were available.