Quake Lewellyn
Source: KAIT 8

A killer farmer has ashamed humanity with his deeds. Quake Lewellyn, 28, is accused of raping and killing Sydney Sutherland in the remote areas of Arkansas. 

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As per the investigative reports, Quake rammed Sutherland with his truck when she was jogging. He then allegedly took her to a remote area and raped her. But he did not stop there, along the highway, he allegedly buried the body of the unfortunate after killing her.

Sydney Sutherland Source: Facebook

The court document filed by the police says, he allegedly then joined the search party launched for the missing nurse.

Sydney Sutherland went jogging a mile away from her home. Her partner, Alex Nicholson, registered a missing case after she failed to come back from jogging on August 19. The Police started a searching operation to find her.

Two days later, the Jackson County authorities found her decomposing body buried in a deserted field alongside a remote highway near Newport City.


Police investigator informed in a probably cause affidavit, that Quake Lewellyn saw Sutherland jogging and rammed her with his truck. He has allegedly admitted to his crime and told the series of events to the police. She was raped and buried at the same place.

The phone of the victim was found around 2.3 miles away from the crime scene. The phone of the assaulter was used to pinpoint the location where the body was found, reported the Mirror. He was allegedly near the vicinity of the area where the victim’s body is found.

According to local reports, Sydney Sutherland and Quake Lewellyn knew each other. However, it is not immediately clear whether they were acquaintances or they had any other relation.

Lewellyn is facing charges of capital murder, rape, kidnapping, and abuse of a corpse.

The killer farmer is set to be arraigned on October 29.