Kerala Cow Slaughter – Rahul Gandhi finally acts as a Leader

Kerala Cow Slaughter has once again sparked the widespread debate of Animal Rights and cruelty. However, the entire episode started as the Anti-Beef ban in Kerala but ended up in other notes. There have been arrests; there have been condemnations from various Animal Rights Group. However, what has made this incident remarkable is the tweet from Rahul Gandhi. Yes, the Congress leader, Rahul Gandhi has condemned the act. But the choice of words has finally given him the much-needed attitude of the Leader.

He was one of the leaders that India looked up to, but he has so far miserably failed. If that is not enough then he has become a laughing stock ever since. The choice of words, the act for various incidents that took place in the last 3 years under BJP rule, has further degraded him as a leader. Finally, he said that the Kerala Cow Slaughter by the Youth Congress workers were barbaric and thoughtless. Yes, the workers have been suspended from Congress as well.

In Kerala, the youth Congress and CPI(M) workers allegedly killed a 15 months old cow cub in open market. They cooked the meat and then served for free. This was just heinous and even Congress party came against it. According to the reports, the alleged Congress workers have shown no remorse and stood by their actions. They have been arrested as well. The CPIM which has also shown disagreement with the beef ban in Kerala has openly condemned the act of cowardice.