Kerala Actress Molestation and abduction case has become a political and social issue in Kerala. The actress recently claimed that she has been abducted by five men on the way to Thrissur to Kochi in Kerala. The Police started action immediately considering the high profile case and soon identified the culprits as part of the initial investigation.

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The actress who has done over 75 movies in Malayalam, Tamil and Telegu industry said that she was filmed and snapped during the two hours of long harassment by the five gang members. As part of the investigation, six people have been already taken into custody and probe is on. The police team is reaching out to different locations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala to nab them.

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The police said that the culprits have been identified and none would be able to escape as the investigation is in full swing. According to the actress, her car was hit from behind and five to six members allegedly entered her car forcibly. The key accused then tried to assault her physically and sexually and also filmed her during the 2 hours of journey. She was then left behind and was threatened with the filmed videos if she goes to the police.

The role of a former driver of the actress has come in front. According to the reports, the driver had criminal background and was fired by the actress. It may be the motive of blackmail and revenge. However, the entire ploy of the Kerala actress molestation and abduction bid has not been revealed so far.