Credit: NASA

Kepler findings have raised hope for the alien life beyond the solar system. The NASA said that we are not probably alone in this universe and there are huge chances that parallel life exists in this universe. Kepler was first inducted in the Solar Orbit in 2009 to study the planets and come up with the results that help the scientists to understand the pattern of the planets, stars and the correlation. So far, the results that have come are encouraging.

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At first, the Kepler findings gave the data of around 200,000 stars. Out of which 4034 objects may host planets around it or vice versa, just like our Sun. This is way too encouraging and we are only talking about our own Milky Way Galaxy. Also, the Kepler has managed to research mere 025% of the sky so far. The NASA scientists said that out of this at least 49 planets were found to be in Goldilocks Region or in habitable conditions. This means that the liquid can sustain at the surface at those planets and life can thrive.

The Scientists confirmed out of 4034 objects, more than half have already been confirmed as the exoplanets and not false signals. The Earth Like Planets could be a huge boost for the research. The KOI 7711 is one of the ‘earth like’ planet that is around 30 times bigger than earth and has similar attributes like our planet. The scientists say that Kepler Findings have also indicated that most of the host stars in the Galaxy found so far are of G Dwarf stars just like the Sun.

Do you think we are not alone? Well, NASA believes so, and the new researches are strongly signaling that we are not the only one in this vast universe.