Dan Miskins
Source: Fox6Now

Kenosha protest has become a nationwide debate. A small town in Wisconsin has turned into the center stage of the Presidential election. President Donald Trump reached Kenosha to address the people and take a stalk of the situation.

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Kenosha is turbulent since August 23. On this day, Jacob Blake, a black man was shot by police officers. The Black Lives Matter protesters have organized huge rallies and protest in the city since then. However, like other American cities, it went out of hand. The riots, arson, looting, robbery, and murder were committed in Kenosha, in the name of protest. There were peaceful protests too. However, the violence took the center stage.

Protesters even set fire in front of the building of the Police Union. The police have made 175 arrests until yesterday in connection with the violence. Kenosha Police Chief Dan Miskins has provided data on Monday.

He said 34 arrests were made on curfew violence with additional charges of carrying a concealed weapon, burglary to possession of controlled substances. There were 69 arrests made on only curfew violations, reported Fox6Now.

In the press conference, Chief Miskins informed that 102 people of the arrested are from outside cities. He informed that they have registered address outside Kenosha and are from 44 different cities.

During the investigations, 44 firearms were also seized, he claimed.

Kenosha protest has left the city damaged and devastated. Shops are burnt, vehicles are charred. The Police are still estimating the damage. John Antaramian, Kenosha Mayor asked the state to cover the damage of $30mn.

The family of Jacob Blake has reportedly asked for calm and peace. However, violence has gripped the city. President Donald Trump is expected to speak from Kenosha today. Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden was to leave for Kenosha as well. However, reports suggest that he has canceled his plans after Trump planned his trip to Kenosha.