OP Jaisha Marathon Controversy took the nation by shock. She claimed that there was no official present at the Marathon event and there was no water. She said she could have died. OP Jaisha became unconscious after the race.

However, Kavita Raut the fellow athlete of OP Jaisha has some different views to share. She said she has no complaints against the officials. Echoing her voice for the AFI she said that she was asked about the personalized drink but she refused it as she never has a practice of the same. She refused to comment on the OP Jaisha Marathon controversy but said she did not even look at the counters as she refused it. She took water from the Rio Counter and she did not have any problem.

The Athlete Federation of India clarified the stance on OP Jaisha Marathon controversy as well. The statement said that OP Jaisha refused to take the personalized drink and there was no lapse from the officials. The Sports Ministry has already ordered a probe and it would be interesting to see how things unwrap now especially after the statement of Kavita Raut.

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OP Jaisha finished 89th in the race while Kavita Raut finished 120th.
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