Katappa is one of the most spoken about characters in the Bahubali movie. The first movie Bahubali – The Beginning gave him and important role and actor Sathyraj trended for a long time with the question, “Why Did Katappa Kill Bahubali?”. However, things can get complicated now and in real life also, he could kill Bahubali.

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A huge protest and agitation are expected in Karnataka against the movie Bahubali – The Conclusion which is set to release on April 28, worldwide. The reason for the protest is Katappa or actor Sathyaraj. During the Cauvery Agitation, a few years back, he told something that hurt the sentiments of the Kannada people. The issue is back again and the protestors do not want the movie to be released in the theatre.

The protesters have threatened to protest in front of every theatre that would screen the movie. They, however, told that there is nothing against the movie but against the actor who allegedly hurt the sentiments of the Kannada people. So far, no decision has been taken and the Bahubali makers are confident that some way would come out in the coming days. However, that does not rule out the possible nuisance and hooliganism of the protesters during the release of the movie.

The producers of the movie have to take the final call. The actor Sathyaraj may remain in the loop for all the discussions. However, it is not sure that up to what extent the protest would be. The protest has been arranged by the umbrella organization of the Kannada Organizations.