Kashmir Violence Live – 21 killed over Burhan Wani’s Death, Who To Blame?

Kashmir Violence Live – The violence in Kashmir continues in Sunday as well.  Ever since the poster boy of Kashmir Burhan Wani was killed by the Indian Army, the valley has gripped in tension and unrest. It was expected that Kashmir will protest against the killing of their favourite militant, Burhan Wani. He was 22 years old and died in gunfire. People started attacking the security officials especially Tral, in South Kashmir, the place of Burhan Wani. The J&K Police has informed that violent attacks of the people have injured more than 200 people including officials. 21 people have also been killed during the violent protest.

Kashmir Violence Live Update

  • Many J&K Police Stations in Anantnag, Kulgam and Shopian have been attacked by the protestors on Sunday as well.
  • The injured security officials numbers have increased to more than 90
  • Chief Minister Mehmooba Mufti has asked Indian Army to use standard operation procedure so that loss of lives can be reduced.
  • Rajnath Singh tweeted for speedy recovery of the injured and anguish over the loss of lives.
  • Police said Burhan Wani was planning for a Terror Attack and was looking for more weapons.
  • Six more CRPF troops to be sent to Kashmir to handle the situation
  • Train services from Baramullah have also been suspended.
  • Amarnath Yatra has been suspended.
  • Srinagar Jammu National Highway has also been suspended.
  • Curfew has been imposed in most of the parts of the valley.

Who to blame?

Burhan Wani took arms and became extremely popular in Social Media. He recruited many youngsters into the militancy and fought against the Indian Establishments. He was a hero for locals. He was a wanted terrorist for the Army. An intelligence operation killed him and his partners. It has been reported that the fight lasted less than 5 minutes.

The problem with Kashmir is that they find heroes in Militants or fighters for them. When someone takes arms to kill others, he has to die. There are many soldiers that get killed by the militants. The violent protest of Kashmir has paralyzed the valley since long. Burhan Wani’s body was reportedly wrapped in Pakistan’s flag. Kashmir youth really doesn’t understand that the schools or the colleges or the trains or the buses, they are using are from the tax payers money of the Indian citizens.

This is not about India and Pakistan, it is about Kashmir. Kashmir youth does not make the IPS officers, professors, scholars from the valley, their hero. They have fought for a long time and they have only ensured the loss of lives and bloodshed. If they really want to change Kashmir, then the arm is never the answer. The blame game will continue and the future of Kashmir will be always in the dark. Pakistan has nothing to do with Kashmir. The Pakistan Occupied Kashmir has not become Switzerland and militancy and terrorism has outspread in POK as well.

It is time to realize that the weapons are not the answer. Burhan Wani could have become an IAS or IPS and could have done more good to the Kashmir Youth and Kashmir Valley. However, all he did was to put more youth in danger of losing their lives and taking up arms and death.

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