Kashmir Protests have been widely covered in the international media. Pakistan has particularly highlighted the issue at the international forum sighting the atrocities of Indian armed forces against the innocent Kashmiris. The use of Pellet guns and the death of 47 people have been highlighted after militant leader Burhan Wani was shot dead. Separatists have fueled more protests and Anti-India chants. The militant groups who are based in Pakistan have tried to make things more complicated. The infiltration bids at the LOC have not stopped either amidst all controversies. This has no longer only “Freedom” protest in Kashmir; it has turned more violent, aggressive and the protest has often relayed to the militants or separatists.

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Kashmir and Pakistan have always found themselves on the same side. Pakistan has claimed Kashmir and sent non-state actors to kill the armed forces to help Kashmir to get united with Pakistan. Many Kashmiris especially leaders have found the common door of Islam to get united with Pakistan. India, on the other hand, has accused Pakistan of terrorizing the Kashmir region. There have been talks, debates, and discussion but Kashmir becomes a disturbed area soon after it gets stabilized by some or the other way.

Now, take a look at the other side of the LOC. India calls it Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, Pakistan calls it Azad Kashmir and rest of the world calls it Pakistan Administrated Kashmir. The recent elections in POK have resulted a huge win for the ruling center party. Well, nothing new has happened. India and many human rights watch in Pakistan have blamed the federal government of Pakistan for excessive rigging. The democratic rights of the people have been snatched long back. People in the small towns like Muzaffarabad, Kotli, Chinari and Mirpur have protested against the Pakistan Government. They have burnt the Pakistan Flags in Neelam Vali, Blacken the Election Posters and had to face the wrath of the police as well as Pakistan Occupied Kashmir Protests.

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The irony of Kashmir is the Kashmir Protests on both the side. None of them seemed to be happy. In India, Kashmiris blamed Armed forces, in Pakistan they blame the government. It is important to find out the core issues of Kashmir and solve it for a prosperous, peaceful and healthy environment. The militancy, extremism, and the radicalized Islamic propaganda have never done any good to any society and it is the time that both the Kashmir fight with these as well, even if they continue to fight against their respective government.