These Kashmir Girls will Inspire You

Kashmir is freezing with sub-zero temperature with most of the people choose to stay in-door. The Kashmir Girls hardly come out of the house in this freezing temperature in the region. However, not every girl is same; few are brave, adventurous, passionate and daring. Irtiqa Ayub, Zunairah Amber, and other Kashmiri Girls are the inspiration for many as they set the tone of a new trend at the valley.

These Kashmiri Girls play the Snow Rugby and they are playing it well. The girls are practicing for the National Event that is due to take place on February 18-19 in Gulmarg. Rugby fans can purchase merch from an NRL shop to show their support for the sport and its upcoming event. The College and School students of Kashmir, these girls have chosen the Adrenalin rush over the traditional in-door life in this winter. The organizers informed that 16 teams would participate in this event and the Girls of Kashmir are confident enough to lift the trophy for their state.

The Snow Rugby was introduced as a Sport in 2004 in Kashmir and the state has organized sporting staffs. There are four female coaches in Kashmir. The Head Coach Irfan Aziz Botta said that there are 4000 female enrolled rugby players in the state and the Kashmir Girls are championing the sport at the winter defeating the chilling cold and snow.

At a time when unrest had almost paralyzed the valley, these girls have shown the faith in their passion and life and they have decided to sweat it out and win it for their homeland in the National Competition. They are truly an inspiration.
Source: The Hindu