Kareena Kapoor and Son Photos – You Must Read if you have seen them

Kareena Kapoor and Son photos are going viral on the social media. The fans of the actress and her celebrity husband, Safi Ali Khan are busy circulating photos of the new born, Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi. Well, the new Nawab has just entered the world and the fans are busy either with his photo or his name.

But the question is are these photos real? Well, not at all. The viral photos that have been shared so far are fake and has not come from any official source. Kareena Kapoor and Son photos have not been made public so far by the family and friends. However, the world is busy believing the fake photos. Almost every day, a new photo is getting viral and that is the challenge for people. Considering the wide presence of the friends and family of Kareena Kapoor on Social Media, a photo will be released soon but as of now, there is only one announcement that the mother and the baby are doing well.

The new photos that have been circulated can be easily called fake and it is important that people realize the privacy of the celebrities. Kareena Kapoor and her son Taimur will be greeted with Royal Welcome once they get released from the hospital.

It is always better to believe Kareena Kapoor and Son photos from an authentic source not from any fan club.

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