Kapoor and Sons Movie Review is all about positives and if you are planning to go for the movie the there is nothing wrong in it. Shakun Batra has managed to translate a beautiful script with immense energy, full of surprises and entertainment. There have been many dysfunction family movies in Bollywood but Kapoor and Sons has delivered the potential and the unexpected moves as part of the movie.

Kapoor and Sons Review – Casts

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The Movie features Rishi Kapoor as the Grandfather, Rajat Kapoor as Harsh (Son of Rishi Kapoor), Ratna Pathak Shah as Sunita (Rajat Kapoor’s Wife), Fawad Khan as Rahul (Rajat and Ratna’s eldest son), Siddharth Malhotra as Arjun (Youngest son of Rajat and Ratna), Alia Bhatt as Tina (Love interest of Fawad and Siddharth).

Kapoor and Sons Review
Kapoor and Sons Review – Plot

The movie revolves around a dysfunctional Kapoor family in Coonoor, Tamil Nadu. The Punjabi Family in Tamil Nadu is certainly going to make you laugh, cry and share feelings. The movie takes the turn when Arjun and Rahul come with the family for some time to visit their ailing grandfather. Rahul is a writer in London and Arjun is promising writer in New Jersey. However, the flawless Alia Bhatt grab their attention and they both were struck. However, their life gets changed totally with one and another incident.

Kapoor and Sons Review
Kapoor and Sons Review – Performance

It is one of the most anticipated movies in Bollywood and every one of them has given their best. The awesome narration of story and the equally brilliant cinematography has ensured to woo the audience. As far as the acting skills are concerned, all the actors have made brilliant effort to make the movie one of the best. It is however to be seen that how audience is accepting the movie during the weekends. However, Rishi Kapoor with full of prosthetics and Fawad Khan are the two stars of the show for the Kapoor and Sons.