Kannada Actor Dhruv Sharma Passed Away – He was special to Film Industry

Kannada Actor Dhruv Sharma is no more. The actor who was part of many Kannada movies died of cardiac arrest. According to the report published by the Times of India, the actor died of multiple organ failure and cardiac arrest. But there was no report of previous ailment and disease for the actor reported. The Kannada actor Dhruv Sharma was special in his own way.

Dhruv Sharma

He was speech and hearing impaired. However, the actor dominated this as a challenge and hardly anyone was able to figure out that he had a challenge. His lip syncing was so strong that everyone was astonished. The special actor was not only great in acting but he was fit as well. In the Celebrity Cricket League, he was one of the actors, who outshined many with his skills and fitness. He was part of the core setup of the Kannada Bulldozers team and was one of the best in the entire cricket league.

Dhruv Sharma

He has played lead roles in the movies like Snehanjali, Tippaji Circle, Ninadre Ishata Kano, Hit List among others. He was a genuine actor who ensured made sure to remove the stereotype of the Film Industry. He was a guy who changed the common notions of the people and perception about an actor. He was a real hero, but his unfortunate death has shocked many.

He was conscious about health but none imagined that at a young age of 35 he would depart the world. He is survived by his parents, wife and two daughters.



The Asian Herald Team offers deepest condolences to his family.

RIP Dhruv Sharma.