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Kangana Ranaut Karan Johar have finally put their feud to rest. The things went really bad when Kangana told Karan that he is the flag bearer of the Nepotism and Movie Mafia in the Chat Show, Koffee with Karan. However, recently the two agreed to share a stage in a TV show where Karan is a judge.

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As usual, Kangana was putting the heart at sleeve and was answering all the questions. She said that Karan is mature and he knows that she does not hate him. However, she insisted that she must continue to speak on the issues like Nepotism and Sexual Harassment as this will serve for the betterment of the society. She also said that she does not really have any particular agenda against Karan and she can be wrong at times as well. However, she still has the rights to raise voice against few things, TOI reported.


Kangana Ranaut Karan Johar episode went on to become a new chapter in Bollywood where everyone got their sides on Nepotism. However, the Bollywood personalities have finally resolved their differences to ensure that there is no more piece on the said issue.

Kangana also enjoyed and answered witty questions on the set, TOI reported. It was reported that Kangana Ranaut told that her love story has been published in all the newspapers. She also said that why it is important to get married at the age of 30 when she was asked about her marriage plans.