Kader Khan died

Kader Khan Died is nothing but hoax a leading daily reported. The death hoax of the veteran actor is floating in Social Media. However, it has been confirmed that the ailing actor is still alive and the news is a hoax. According to sources, the actor is in poor health condition and can barely talk and move. The sources confirmed that the actor is in strict observations. However, he is alive.

Kader Khan Died

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This is not the first time that Social Media has spread hoax. Observers say that majority of the posts that float in Social Media especially Facebook are a hoax, lies and misleading. This is also not the first time that hoax of Kader Khan Died has been spread. Few years back similar news came in and the man himself confirmed that he is alive.

Kader Khan Died Reactions

Many of his fans have chosen to pay this Bollywood legend tribute through social media. However, unaware of the fact, they actually spread the rumors. Sources close to the actor said such hoax is disappointing and frustrating for the family and said people should refrain themselves from doing so. They have even urged for privacy at this time.

Kader Khan has acted in numerous Hindi Movies. He has been part of many Blockbuster movies both as a villain and comedian. However, his pairing with Govinda in the late 90s is still memorable. His role in movies like Dulhe Raja, Raja Babu, Kuli No 1, Hero No 1 are very popular among fans even now.