The Kabul Car Bombing early morning today has sent shockwaves to most of the parts of the country. At least 24 people have died as per the latest news and close to 50 more injured. Many people are said to be in serious conditions. The suicide car bomber attacked the bus that was carrying employees of the Ministry of Mining of the Government.

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The Kabul Car Bombing is different in many ways. The shift in the ideology of the terrorists is a big concern in Afghanistan. The target of the blast was civilians and not security forces. The bloody truth of terrorism is to panic the people and the Taliban and other terror organizations like Haqqani Network, ISIS and others are following the same path. However, no terror group has officially claimed the responsibility for the blast so far.

The peace and the stability of Afghanistan look distant so far due to the presence of the terror groups. The terror groups like Haqqani Network get help from Pakistan and others get safe heaven in the country. The United States has already decided to cut down the aid for the South Asian Country for the same reason. However, Pakistan is undeterred and now flies high with the support of Chinese.

Another important thing that has to be noticed in this blast is the region where the blast took place. There are the considerable amount of Shia Community people in the region where the blast took place. This might indicate the involvement of the Islamic State.

It is however very well understood that the Afghanistan needs to take some bold decisions to ensure the safety and security of the people.