Kabul Blast Live – 80 Killed, Islamic State Claim Responsibility

Kabul Blast  –  In a deadly attack in the Kabul City of Afghanistan, 80 people were killed. There were suicide blasts on the road where the protesters were staging protests to divert the route of the pipeline from Turkmenistan. The demonstration march was organized against the government and the terrorists took advantage of the same.

There were many life less bodies lying on the road mainly from the Hazara Community who were staging a protest. The Public Health Ministry said that at least 207 people are also injured. However, the causalities may increase over time. The injured have been rushed to the nearby hospitals but many are in serious conditions. Amaq Agency, the ISIS News Agency showed the News Brief and claimed to have orchestrated the Kabul Blast. As per the reports, at least 2 suicide bombers detonated the bombs on the busy street to kill the Shiite people in Kabul.


President Ashraf Ghani has strongly reacted to the bloodshed and said that the terrorist entered the people in the protests to kill innocent people and the security guards as well. However, it is immediately not clear how many blasts took place and the exact amount of loss in the Kabul Blast. The intensity of the blast and presence of more number of people at the site, however, may increase the death tool by a considerable amount for Kabul Blast.

Hazara Community

Hazara is the third largest minority of the Afghanistan who are demanding to change the multi-million dollar pipeline project to other provinces. However, the government has ever since negotiated with the people to avoid more cost and time to change the route. The Persian Speaking Community are 9% of Afghanistan population and were very much oppressed during the Taliban Rule.