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Junaid Qureshi, son of Hashim Qureshi, one of the founders of J&K Liberation Front has broken silence on the Burhan Wani issue. The son of the Separatist Leaders, who is in Netherlands, said something that highlights the entire Kashmir Problem. Junaid said that people are fighting for Kashmir since last 26 years but only lost lives can be counted, nothing else. He clearly said that if the militants are so great and think about Kashmir and believe that arms can solve the problems, then why their kids are not in Kashmir. He said that the kids of the separatists’ leaders are sitting in safe heaven like Malaysia, America, London, Netherlands and various parts of India, but the poor youth of Kashmir is dying every day. He said that the problems can be solved only with talks and democratic way.

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He urged the Kashmiri Youth to understand the problem and give up the arms. He said that the problems can be solved with talk nothing else. He urged to stop the bloodshed and glorify the death who pick up arms and terror.

Kashmir is again protesting and 16 people have so far killed in the violent protest. Burhan Wani, one of the commanders of Hizbul Mujahidin was killed in an encounter at the age of 21 years. Kashmir has portrayed him as Hero. He was killed when he was planning for a Terror Attack and went to acquire more weapons and ammunition to carry out the operations. He was killed after 2-3 hours of operation.

Junaid Qureshi made a bold statement on Kashmir and that make complete sense and logic.

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