Julija Adlesic
Source: Sky News

Julija Adlesic rose to fame for all wrong reasons at 22. The Slovenian woman became headlines when accused of cutting her own hand for the insurance payout. She was to receive close to €1mn from the insurance companies. However, her plans did not go as planned.

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The court decided that she has deliberately cut off her hand in order to commit insurance fraud. The court has sent her to two years in prison.

The court found out that she planned to severe her left hand above the wrist in Ljubljana last year.

Julija Adlesic along with her boyfriend planned for the insurance fraud. Their conspiracy got evidence when it was found out that her partner searched for how artificial hand works just before the incident.  Her left hand was cut above the wrist with a circular saw. She was taken to the hospital and said that she got injured while working.

However, the couple did not bring the severed hand along with them. The motive was to ensure that the disability is permanent, Sky News reported. However, police later found the hand and re-attached it.

They were to be paid €1mn as the insurance payout. Half of the amount was to be paid immediately. She signed insurance deals with five different providers a year before the incident.

Julija Adlesic however claimed not guilty during the trial and said,

“No one wants to be crippled. My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20. Only I know how it happened.”

Her boyfriend was sent to three years in prison.

The judge commented on the sentence as fair and justified.