Tiger Shark
Source: mySA

Josie Silva, a Texas woman caught a 9-feet-long tiger shark from the shoreline near the Bob Hall Pier in the Corpus Christi Beach. The 37-year-old told mySA that the 9-feet-long Tiger Shark was weighed around 300 pounds.

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Josie Silva, a fisherwoman, from Orange Grove, 38 miles away from Corpus Christi, said that this was her personal record. The Tiger Shark was very strong and the tussle between them went on for almost 45 minutes before she overpowered the shark.

She used a rod that she made. Remembering the encounter on labor day, Silva told, that her rod got bowed over several times. The incident took place around 7:30 PM on labor day.

Silva reeled in the 9-feet-long tiger shark and measured. Well, she walked it back to the ocean again.

In general, the sharks caught are tagged to Texas Shark Rodeo. However, darkness did not allow Silva to tag the tiger shark that day, she recounted.

Texas Shark Rodeo is a voluntary year-long competition. This allows the fisherman and women to gain points based on the species they catch. The data goes to Harte Research Institute at Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi.

Silva has been catching sharks for one and a half years. However, this was her personal record. She is thrilled to catch sharks at the ocean and the latest encounter made her even excited. Had she tagged the tiger shark to the Texas Shark Rodeo, she could have gained good points.

The shark population in the ocean has drastically reduced in recent years due to overfishing. Environmentalists say that the shark population is a key for the marine ecosystem and Ocean life is suffering due to lack of shark presence.