Joshua Wong,
Source: Hong Kong Free Press

Joshua Wong is arrested on suspicion of taking part in an unauthorized assembly on October 5, last year. Also, violation of mask charges has been pressed on him.

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The Hong Kong Pro-democracy activist was reporting to Central Police District Headquarters at around 1 PM on Thursday.

Hong Kong government invoked a colonial-era emergency law on October 4, 2019, banning wearing masks on public places after months of protest. Joshua Wong along with others gathered to protest against the following day.

Veteran activist Koo Sze-yiu of the League of Social Democrats has also been arrested for participating in the unauthorized assembly.

He confirmed his arrest outside the police facility. He said,

“With the chilling effect generated by the Beijing authorities, it is the third case that I need to face already since last June [when] I left prison. They can prosecute us, they can arrest us, they can lock us up in prison, but they can’t censor our commitment to [continuing] to fight for freedom.”

Sophie Richardson, China Director at NGO Human Rights Watch said this is the downward spiral of human rights.

She said that the authorities were prosecuting protestors using laws at odds with international standards.

Amnesty International Hong Kong said,

“The arrest of a prominent Hong Kong opposition figure for wearing a face mask at an ‘unauthorized’ protest – at a time when wearing a face mask is compulsory in the city – is yet another example of the government’s campaign to silence dissent by any means.”