Joe Biden
Source: Bloomberg

Joe Biden forgets Donald Trump during a campaign. He insisted that people must not vote for George when he got some help from the anchor and changed it to Trump. He was making an appeal along with his wife Jill Biden.

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The Trump camp obviously did not leave the opportunity behind to criticize him. Donald Trump said that Joe Biden is not fit run for the office as he often forgets things. Well, this is not something new, he has a history of forgetting things. President Trump often calls him ‘Sleepy Joe’.

Donald Trump Jr. in fact took an even more sarcastic approach and said don’t know whether he was referring to George Bush or George Washington.

Joe Biden forgets Donald Trump

Well, as the US heads for the Presidential election 2020 in eight days, this comes on social media. Democrats cannot bring it down from the internet, neither can I deny it. So, will the age factor of Joe Biden come into the election debate? Well, the Trump camp is not leaving behind this issue. They have time and again spoke about the health issues of Joe Biden.

Donald Trump throws the question of whether the US wants to hand over the country who keeps forgetting things. Remember, how, Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker, questioned Trump’s presence when he contracted the COVID19. Republicans probably going to throw some questions for her as well.

Here is what Donald Trump said on Twitter.