A Police Officer rescued a boy from severe child abuse in the United States but little did he know that he would adopt him as his son. Jody Thompson from Poteau in Oklahoma was returning home from his duty in 2015. But he suddenly received a child abuse call. He was off duty but considering his experience in handling such cases, he decided to attend it.

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When he reached the place, he found out a young 8 years old boy, visibly underweight, was submerged in cold water. His wrists were tied and there were severe bruises in his body. Jody Thompson agreed that he never witnessed such brutality before. It took few minutes before he covered the boy in a blanket and rushed to the Children Advocacy Centre of Oklahoma. It was necessary as the proofs were required to be gathered by the detectives. Once the formality was over, the child was taken to the hospital.

Jody admitted that he knew from the very first moment that he would be satisfied only when he would take care of this boy for the rest of his life. He was with him the entire night and the next day. The authorities were contacted very next day and he became the foster parent of the child. He was already the father of two sons and his family accepted the boy, named John and showered him with love.

However, the complications started when the arrested parents of John gave birth to a baby girl in the jail. Mr. Thompson was immediately convinced and applied for the adoption of the little girl as well when contacted by the authorities. However, unlike John, her parents did not relinquish the rights to her. The case went to the court and only this year, Mr. Thompson and his wife won the case to be the legal parents.

He was recently conferred by the Poteau Police Department. John was there beside him. He is happy and a satisfied kid now so is his sister.

Destiny has plans for everyone and a 911 call for Jody Thompson changed his life. We need more Police Officers like him, full of compassion and life.

– Hope for Better World.

The Article was originally posted by CBS News.