JNU Campus Row is showing no tendency to settle down in near future. Ever since the Afzal Guru Row at the JNU has started , Social Media has been very active. There are many hashtags that are getting popular on Social Media. #JNU, #ShutDownJNU, #AfzalGuruRow are few of them. It is true that Social Media is very powerful in today’s date and to join the mass, there is no better tool. But in recent times , the power is getting misused and some or the other way people try to give broken, false and misguiding information on various accounts. The JNU Campus Row is nothing different as well. 

JNU Campus Row – Social Media Connection

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Both the parties whether supporting the entire issue or opposing it are largely mobilizing the mass with the Social Media. However, recently new posts started coming that Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani has declared not to hire JNU students for their Anti National activities. This may break down people especially those who are involved with the row. After all, Tata and Reliance are two if the major employers in India. But if the facts are to be considered then nothing has been communicated so far. The present situation looks very delicate as the sedition charges have been imposed on the students. It is up to the judiciary to decide whether the students are guilty or not. But people should not jump into conclusion. Tata has already tweeted that no such information has been passed. Reliance is yet to release a statement.

JNU Campus Row – The impact

The impact of such information can be disastrous. There will be some other posts to counter that by the pro agitating members and the trend would continue. The impact will be similar when #ShutDownJNU trended, #ABVPExposed trended hours later. The entire incident has caught the attention of the media and people have different opinions. There are people who have termed the students as Anti National and then there are who claim that the slogans of Pakistan Zindabad were shouted by the ABVP to falsely implicate them. People believe that there is Nexus between ABVP, University Vice Chancellor and Delhi Police, but that cannot be speculated and decided. Every person has different opinion and that must be countered with another.

JNU Campus Row

JNU Campus Row – What was the Fuss?

The students claim that they had the permission of holding the program and it was cancelled at the eleventh hour due to Nexus between ABVP and University authorities. The entire issue could have been handled better. Agitations, demands and counter programs are not new in student politics but this time it has gone bit too far.

As far as the comments about not hiring the JNU students are concerned, there is very narrow chance that people like Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani would make such statements.