Jishnu Prannoy Death – Inefficient Kerala Police exposes brutal truth

Jishnu Prannoy death has rocked Kerala yet again and that has brought up the issue of the inefficiency of police. However, this time it is brutality and immorality of Kerala Police as well. The video footage of the dragging and manhandling of the Mother of Jishnu Prannoy was shown on the local television. The DSP remained defiant and the CM of Kerala choose to back his Police yet again.

This is not something new in Kerala. Since recently, the Kerala Police is taking one after the another step to become incapable and inefficient. The blunders of the Jisha Rape and Murder Case has not been overwritten so far. The abduction and molestation of a popular Malayalam actress are still a fresh memory. The rape and death of two girl child found in a lake of Kochi make the case clear.

The Kerala Police has remained defiant and probably has the backing of the Chief Minister as well. However, the anger and the protest of the people and the opposition parties are on the surge. CM almost justified the manhandling of a pained mother whose son died in mysterious condition because the protest was in front of the DSP office.

Kerala Police and the CPM (Marxist) are on the verge of losing all public support and the Jishnu Prannoy death case has totally exposed them. If the situation does not improve, then Kerala will soon witness another West Bengal and the Communist Party may become irrelevant and almost non-existent.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan must take tough actions against the Police whosoever is guilty. Police are to protect the people and he is the Chief Minister of the people. However, everyone seems to have forgotten the very basic idea of Democracy in Kerala.