The Jio Prime Membership date has been extended from March 31 to April 15. So, the people who want to go for the Jio Prime Membership can recharge with the INR 302 coupon and they can pay additional of INR 99 to avail the Jio Service. This could make a huge difference to many people who wanted to opt for Jio Prime but could not. However, everything is not looking as smooth as expected for Mukesh Ambani.

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The extension was expected the same way the free service was extended till March 31. The platform the Jio has promised needs huge subscription and member. Mukesh Ambani knew that he is taking a big risk with Jio but had faith in the popular FREE Culture of India. He succeeded but may not be to the same extent, he expected. However, the case for Jio Prime is even more complex. This has been one of the highest numbers of migration from free to the paid service with extravagant offers. It has been reported that almost 22 to 27 million people have enrolled for the Prime Membership but that is not enough for Jio. The extended date may help Reliance to gain few more subscribers. If the reports are to be believed then the date may be further extended up to April 30.

In a bigger sense, the Jio has created a rapid shift and movement in the Telecom industry. However, the game that it has started has risk factors and if not taken care properly, Jio can succumb to the injuries created by Jio itself.