Jio 4G Phone – Things that you don’t know

Jio 4G Phone has created a huge roar in the market. Mukesh Ambani launched the phone with huge media coverage which is basically free of cost. The phone will be given in the month of September for the security deposit of INR 1500. However, the same amount of money would be returned after 3 months. So, this makes the phone virtually cost free.

Well, this certainly looks interesting from the primary announcement, but there are many things that are still not clear.


What processor will Jio use? Will it run on Android? Will it support the Android apps? There is no clarity for the users so far on this. Many have speculated that Jio phone will only support the Jio Apps. Also, sub-standard processor may be used to ensure the budget is met. According to the reports, Jio may soon reveal details but so far it is not clear.


The battery carries a huge significance today for the smartphone. However, Jio has not specified any detail. It is still not clear whether the charging will be universrsal or a USB C type.

Post Costing

Let be honest, any business would not run without profit. So, there must be a plan in place for the Jio 4G phone as well. One needs to understand that there would a point when the customer needs to shell out some amount of money. However, Jio and Mukesh Ambani have not made it clear.

The Jio 4G phone is exciting but this is just the tip of the iceberg and the real detail would soon be unearthed.