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Jerusalem is now the Capital of the Israel as announced by the POTUS Donald Trump. The President of the United States ordered all the embassy to be shifted to the Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. However, Mr. Trump insisted that the sovereignty of the geographical area for Israel would still be negotiated by both the parties Israel and Palestine. He also mentioned that Two Nation theory would still be supported by the United States provided both the parties are willing for the same. He also said that the US would continue to support the status quo of Temple Mount or Haram al-Sharif. Jerusalem is the Holy City for the Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

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This has been termed as a historic day by Israel and many have rejoiced the decision at least who support the United States. However, it did not go well with Arab countries, Palestine people and of course other international communities.

Exiled President of Palestine Mohammed Dahlan said that the decision is against the Palestine people and all the peace talks and security coordination with Israel by Palestine must be stopped with immediate effect.

Egypt, Turkey, and France rejected the decision by Donald Trump. Fumed by the announcement, Turkey termed it as “Irresponsible”. On the other French President said that the Israel conflict should be resolved by both Israel and Palestine under UN observations.
Antonio Guterres, the UN General Secretary said that the Jerusalem is the last unresolved thing of the inevitable Two Nation solution and it has to be solved by the direct talks between Palestine and Israel.

The decision was expected from Donald Trump and as expected Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu termed it as “Historic Day” in the history of Israel. Hailing the decision, he said that this is an “Important Step towards Peace”.

Well, as expected, it has not gone well with the Arab Countries and lots of drama is going to be unfolded in the coming days cantering the holy city of Jerusalem.