Jerusalem Day Protest has escalated yet again near the protest tents in the Gaza Strip. The protestors gathered near the fence and started hurling stones and burning tires to send black smokes. There were stone pelting aiming to reach the Israeli part as well, reported AP. The burning kites were also seen so that the Israeli fields can be set on fire. However, in response, the Israeli force has fired live rounds, as well as tear gas, reported the Associated Press. According to the reports, the tear gas was even fired from the drones.

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The Jerusalem Day protest is escalating in this region. The protest marks the illegal occupation of Israel for the holy city of Jerusalem, believe the Arabs in the Middle East countries. The protest camps have been erected near the Gaza fence in order to protest the same. This has been an ongoing protest since last few months.

The number of wounded is around 430 and almost 80 of them are from the Israeli fire believe the reports. The protesters were also agitating against the US President Donald Trump whom they think is responsible for this situation. The Gaza Strip which is under the control of the Hamas has seen huge protest ever since Donald Trump has moved the US Embassy to the Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

The protests were also held in parts of Iran and Iraq for the Jerusalem Day. The mass protest is to draw attention to the blockade of the Gaza strip.