Jared Kushner, to be Senior Advisor to White House – But is that Legal?

Jared Kushner, Real Estate Executive and son-in-law of President-Elect, Donald Trump would be the Senior Adviser of White House. Donald J Trump announced that he is going to be the key member of his team and he would have an influential role in Domestic and Foreign Policies of the United States of America.

However, the question of appointment is in question from the legal vicinity. The husband of Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President-Elect has already involved with Israel and Britain officials and ministers. This gave strong indications that he would play a major role in Trump Administration. Ivanka, however, would not assume any official role as of now.

As per a law of 1967, the Government is barred from hiring relatives as officials. However, the lawyer of Jared Kushner clearly mentioned that the law is not applicable to the West Wing. He argued that the President has the authority to hire his own staff and that is unfettered. In order to fit into the role, Jared Kushner would resign as the CEO of the Real Estate Company and as Publisher of the New York Observer. His wife Ivanka Trump would also leave her roles from the Real Estate Company of Donald Trump and from her own Fashion Brand.

The 36 years old Mr. Kushner was recently involved with the Israel and British counterparts. As per the US media reports, he would heavily oversee the domestic policies for Trump Administration. Both Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump campaigned heavily for Donald Trump during Presidential Campaign.

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