Japan Knife Attack – Real Motive Revealed

Japan Knife Attack – A man went on to rampage and killed at least 19 people in Tokyo, Japan. He targeted the mental care organization where close to 130 people live. The man who killed was previously associated with the same organization but he lost his job. The Japan Knife Attack was purely based on revenge for his job.

It was pre-planned and executed. The man took a hammer and broke one of the window pane to gain entry to the house. The care hospital was heavily guarded but till the time the guard approached he stabbed many people. However, once he was confronted, he overpowered the guard and went on to stab many more. The brutality of the attack could be very easily understood as he stabbed whoever he came across. The Japan Knife Attack was so chilling that he went to Police and surrendered himself.

The chilling message of the attacker Disable should disappear, has left many in state of shock. So far, 19 people of succumbed to the injuries. It has been reported that 20 more people are still in serious condition.

There were people who were physically disabled, mentally disabled and some were both.

This is the worst mass killings in Japan in the post war era. Many of the Japanese people are in shock as they have never witnessed such degree of crime.

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