Jallikattu Ban protests have swelled in Tamil Nadu and Chennai since last few days. The overwhelming response from the people, youngsters, IT Employees, Students, Celebrities, Stars, and Politicians has further enhanced the encouragement of the protesters. The number of the people at the Marina Beach in Chennai is growing every day and it looks threatening for the city now.

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Chennai is a busy city and the roads that connect Marina Beach and the Chennai Central Railway Station and the adjoining areas are very crucial. However, the growing protest may attract more police administration in the area and ultimately the City may choke. Yes, the surging numbers for the Jallikattu Ban may impress the people who seek for the overturn of the ban, but not look very healthy for the daily commuters.

Chennai is the bread and butter for many people from the adjoining areas in Tamil Nadu and even Andhra Pradesh. People come every day to the city by train or buses. However, any road jam or blocking or traffic problem can dent huge chaos in the city considering the importance of the visit of everyone. It has been understood that the administration and the authority are taking full measures to control the situation.

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