Jagga Jassos is one of the movies that Bollywood required to change the usual trend of Indian Cinema. A courageous Anurag Basu made the project highly engaging. Yes, someone may say that the story did not have the grip that it could have been but for me, Jagga Jassos was a movie to tell that Bollywood can make different movies. The story of Jagga was more to show the quest of him to find someone without any resource. The mystery of the story was skipped, but if the project works, I am sure, Anurag Basu can come up with better script next time for the sequel of it. I would love to see the sequel of the movie as well.

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The movie has collected around INR 33 Crores in the first weekend and it needs, even more, to sustain at the Box Office. With all possibilities, the movie may not become a blockbuster. However, a HIT status to it can be a great achievement for the team. The production cost of the movie has increased to 100% of the original cost and the movie was made with a budget of around 110 Crores. However, the original cost could have been mere 50-60 Crores. The weekdays of the first week holds a key to the Box Office collection of Jagga.

On Monday, the movie collected around 4-5 Crores more. The movie has so far 40 Crores in its kitty after it collected around the same amount on Tuesday. The movie may not become a huge success and may collect around 60 Crores at maximum worldwide at the end of the run.

Yes, that will declare the Jagga Jassos, a Flop in Box Office. However, I believe, Anurag Basu, Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina Kaif and Disney should be proud of this flop movie.