Jaddu’s Food Field on Kalavad Road in Rajkot is one of the popular destinations for the foodies. The restaurant of the hometown superstar Ravindra Jadeja enjoys good fanfare. However, it has always been closer to controversies. Three years back, complaints were made to the food standards and the sample was collected by the Health Department of the Rajkot Municipal. But no action was taken. But this time, there was a surprise raid on the Jaddu’s Food Field.

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The authorities found many things that do not comply with the food safety standards and forced to take action against the restaurant. As part of the inspection, kitchen, storeroom and other restaurant areas where food items are placed or cooked were inspected. Stale food, fungus on food, open raw materials were found in the restaurant. The safety norms to keep the food items and raw materials were not met. The authorities destroyed 17 kg of rotten vegetables at the restaurant, apart from 7 kg and 14 kg of pasta and bakery items respectively. The Indian Express reported that 9 Kg of dough, 4 Kg of Stale Chutneys, 4 Kg of boiled potatoes, Poori, 1.5 Kg of edible colours and at least 500 gm of noodles were also destroyed as part of the action.

It’s clear that food hasn’t been kept safe in these conditions. Food safety is ultimately one of the most important aspects to a restaurant to keep customers safe. One of the most important food groups to keep in appropriate conditions is meat. Meat needs to be kept in cold conditions, and without it, bacteria can grow, therefore creating a possibility of food poisoning. Many restaurants invest in a cold storage door to ensure all meat products and other food groups that have to be kept cold are kept at an appropriate temperature. Perhaps this is a measure that Jaddu’s Food Field needs to invest in.

The health officers have already issued a show cause notice to the restaurant for explaining the entire issue. The officers mentioned that inedible food and stale vegetables and all other destroyed food items were present at the restaurant and that has to be properly explained by the owner of the restaurant within 4 days of time. However, after receiving the explanation, the authorities will take the decision on the license of the restaurant. It may get cancelled if the explanation is not satisfactory.

The Jaddu’s Food Field is run by Jadeja’s Sister in Rajkot city.